Thursday, July 24, 2014

Achievement Unlocked: Construct Infinite Loop in \Latex

Until just now, I never realized that it was possible to construct an infinite loop in \Latex. But it is, and an infinite loop is indeed an understandable outcome of the following text: \newcommand{\lcm}{\mbox{\lcm}}", which I of course obtained via the magic of 'replace all'. It turns out that my \Latex compiler (TeXShop) apparently has an automatic abort for such situations.


j2kun said...

You may also be interested to know that the TeX macro language is Turing-complete. So you could potentially write a paper that disproves the Goldbach conjecture, should it ever compile.

Mason said...

Nice. :)

My PhD supervisor was obsessed with the Goldbach conjecture (in a 'please stay close to your expertise in quantum physics' kind of way).