Saturday, July 12, 2014

"Peer Review Ring" Busted

A "peer review ring" (kind of like a prostitution ring, except with more scientists) at Journal of Vibration and Control has been busted. The situation is described in this article, and you can find more information about this peer-review scandal in this article.

The now-former Editor in Chief of JVC is Ali Nayfeh, who has written some very nice books on nonlinear vibrations. (I have one of his books. There is some really good stuff in there.) He has apparently "retired" as EiC, though my expectation is that it is a combination of genuine retirement and embarrassment that this scandal took place on his watch.

The choice quote comes from Retraction Watch, who started their report in the busting of the peer-review ring with "This one deserves a 'wow.'"

(Tip of the cap to Jennifer Nicoll Victor.)

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