Sunday, July 13, 2014

What Happens in Silwood Park Stays in Silwood Park

This evening, I'll be taking the train (and, apparently, replacement bus service) to Ascot to get myself over to Imperial College's Silwood Park campus for environmental fluctuations, recovery, and resilience of biological networks, which is part of their program on Grand Challenges in the Ecosystem and the Environment (GCEE).

Take a look at a a map of the local area, which covers Silwood, Windsor Park, and Maidenhead. Based on the names of some of the places on this map, it looks like I'm going to be pretty close to a Hellmouth. Also, this map is a great example of how awesome the Brits can be sometimes with their naming conventions. It would be pretty damn awesome, for example, if "Cheapside" has evolved to be a posh, expensive location filled with luxurious mansions. ("Unfortunately, I can't afford to live in Cheapside.")

Update: I have reached the center for population biology that Imperial College has at their Silkwood Park campus, and there are rabbits all over the place here. There is something right with the world.

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