Thursday, February 11, 2016

40th Birthday

Yesterday I turned 40. It happens to everybody (unless they die at a younger age, of course).

My research group banded together to give me a birthday present at Networks Journal Club today!

First, we have a multilayer network of (most) current members and several former members of my group. In fact, it is an induced subgraph, with me as the ego node. (If you take a look, it seems like one should ponder a bit about how to define an induced subgraph in a multilayer context.) The layers are defined by membership in Somerville College, coauthorship of papers, and Facebook friendship. (There are no interlayer edges, so technically this is an edge-colored multigraph.) Today’s talk included some calculations on this network.

Second, they bought me a plush ankylosaurus (aka: best dinosaur ever!), and some of my students noticed that that was the type of plush dinosaur I really wanted to get as a child but never actually saw in a store.

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