Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Congratulations to Dr. Marya Bazzi and Dr. Lucas Jeub!

I can now officially congratulate my doctoral students Dr. Marya Bazzi and Dr. Lucas Jeub, who passed their thesis defenses last month and who received 'leave to supplicate' yesterday. It is the latter bureaucratic condition that implies that everything is now done.

Both Marya (who is jointly supervised with Sam Howison) and Lucas work on problems in community detection. Marya has developed methods for the study of multilayer community detection, especially in multilayer representations of temporal networks. Her first paper, which is a methods paper but uses data from finance to help illustrate her findings, just came out in final form. Lucas's first paper, on a local method for community detection, was published early last year. His second paper, which applies these ideas to multilayer networks, is on the arXiv. In his thesis, Lucas also studied hair-product data from Unilever.

Lucas and Marya are finishing up follow-up work, including a paper that they are coauthoring. Stay tuned.

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