Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MIT Technology Review's Young Investigators (TR35) for 2009

MIT Technology Review has released its list of 35 investigators under 35 for 2009. Among the list is a very familiar name: Ellis Meng, a Lloydie from the class of 1997. Congrats!

Another familiar name is a Santa Fe Institute postdoc (Nathan Eagle), who I have either met or seen speak. (I don't remember whether I talked to him.) He's one of the people doing interesting things with mobile phone data.


GFreak said...

Congrats Ellis!
Looking through all of the years of Young Investigators, the only other names I recognized were from '99:
Hideo Mabuchi
Maja Mataric
Linus Torvalds

Mason said...

I think some other Techers have gotten this in recent years. (Chari? I can't remember his first name right now. He was either a Darb or a Scurve.) Anyway, it is seriously impressive.

Jon said...

Serge Belongie and Vance Bjorn from my class '95 in Ruddock made the 2004 list.

Mason said...

If I ever met them, it was probably only during Rotation. The names are definitely not familiar.