Monday, August 17, 2009

My wireless printer/scanner/copier is set up!

I bought my first printer ever when I purchased my new computer last month. In my immense laziness, I only set it up today. The printer isn't exactly fast, but it is nice to finally have one at home. I'll also be upgrading my computer desk soon, as Somerville is putting some furniture into storage, and the items in question include a couple of desks that are better than mine. I used the ad hoc wireless network option to set up the printer. For now, I am calling the network "Astral" and the printer "Styx", though that goes better with previous themes than with current ones. (Back in the day, the airport network that I briefly set up was "Phlogiston"---that's for all you Spelljammer aficionados out there---but I haven't bothered setting up my airport base station for many years. Maybe one of these days, I'll bother putting my Wii online. :) )

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