Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tales from the arXiv: "But all the people with motivation are already on the Lloyd Special Forces team"

I couldn't help thinking of Jeremy Gawle's [sp?] line from one of the old Lloyd movies when I saw the title of this new paper on the arXiv. Here are the title, authors, and abstract:

Title: Mathematical formalism of physics of systems with motivation

Authors: Ihor Lubashevsky, Natalia Plawinska

Abstract: The paper discusses fundamental problems in mathematical description of social systems based on physical concepts, with so-called statistical social systems being the main subject of consideration. Basic properties of human beings and human societies that distinguish social and natural systems from each other are listed to make it clear that individual mathematical formalism and physical notions should be developed to describe such objects rather then can be directly inherited from classical mechanics and statistical physics. As a particular example systems with motivation are considered. Their characteristic features are analyzed individually and the appropriate mathematical description is proposed. Finally the paper concludes that the basic elements necessary for describing statistical social systems or, more rigorously, systems with motivation are available or partly developed in modern physics and applied mathematics.

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