Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jamie Moyer is awesome!

I have been watching the baseball game between the Phillies and the Blue Jays, and I have been doing this for one very specific reason: to watch Jamie Moyer give up career homerun #506 to set a new all-time record. Well, he just gave up this homerun to Vernon Wells and has now allowed the most homeruns of any pitcher who has ever played Major League Baseball. The (currently-in-progress) box score for the game is at this website.

Back in 1986, I didn't exactly think that he'd still be pitching now. Moyer is an amazing baseball player, a late-bloomer (he wasn't immediately successful in the Major Leagues), and a freak. (Moyer is 47 years old, and I wonder if he might still be pitching at age 50.)

Oh, and by the way: Moyer also pitched his 4000th career inning in this game.

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