Monday, June 28, 2010

This hits way, way, way too close to the truth.

Here is a recent strip (6/25) from Ph.D Comics. It hits way, way, way too close to the truth.

(Tip of the cap to Justin Howell.)


ChaosBook said...

where is this conference with lots of booze? While we are at it, your "No one can hear you scream in phase space" is a great hit at Few Body Dynamics in Atoms, Molecules and Planetary Systems

Mason said...

I was just being cynical with my comment.

Glad to hear they like the shirt there! I designed a new shirt (text only): "I went to a physics conference and all I got was a lousy power law." I get mixed reactions to it. Some people think it's great, and others (like Gene Stanley) just glare at me.

The conference looks neat! I have yet to get myself to Max Planck or, for that matter, anywhere else in Germany. It's on the list. Well, visiting Germany in general is on the list, and I have a couple of invites (one academic and one social) of which I have yet to take advantage.

Meanwhile, I am off to Shanghai tomorrow. I'll be teaching a 2-week course on networks, and of course I'll be looking around China.