Friday, June 04, 2010

Tales from the ArXiv: Unfortunate Author Name Department

Check out this recently-posted paper (which was actually published in 2008):

Title: Peristaltic Transport of a Physiological Fluid in an Asymmetric Porous Channel in the Presence of an External Magnetic Field

Authors: J.C. Misra, S. Maiti, G.C. Shit

Abstract: The paper deals with a theoretical investigation of the peristaltic transport of a physiological fluid in a porous asymmetric channel under the action of a magnetic field. The stream function, pressure gradient and axial velocity are studied by using appropriate analytical and numerical techniques. Effects of different physical parameters such as permeability, phase difference, wave amplitude and magnetic parameter on the velocity, pumping characteristics, streamline pattern and trapping are investigated with particular emphasis. The computational results are presented in graphical form. The results are found to be in perfect agreement with those of a previous study carried out for a non-porous channel in the absence of a magnetic field.

Sometimes, one's last name can become unfortunate when multiple cultures are involved...

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