Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Deadpan Synopsis of "Baby Got Back"

How awesome is this? As discussed in the blog Mental Floss, the "synopsis" portion of the wikipedia entry for the song "Baby Got Back" is written in a wonderfully humorous deadpan manner. It's like the writer was producing an essay for a high school English class. I approve!

(Tip of the cap to Mariano Beguerisse Díaz.)


e said...

On much the same lines of over analysing popular culture in a straight, but extremely humorous fashion you might might enjoy this. Regulate.

Mason said...


I wonder if it's by the same author. :)

e said...

It would be nice to think so, but the author of the Regulate takes credit under their own name, the Baby Got back is an anonymous entry under an IP address. With something like this you would expect consistency in the desire for or desire not for credit. It is a shame, I like to think of one person going round writing all of these to amuse themselves as much as others. I think it will lose some effect if it becomes something of a bandwagon.

That said, the linkings were added to the Regulate one at a later date by an anonymous user who may be the same person. That is one of the things I most enjoyed about the posts is the number of links to legitimate articles and how they are described. I think 'promise of copulation' linking to libido is my favourite.