Friday, August 20, 2010

Pictures from Philly

Here are some pictures from Philadelphia. I didn't get a chance to do much tourism, but (importantly) I did go to a baseball game!

Update (8/23/10): SIAM has posted pictures on Flickr. I haven't yet checked if I appear in any of them, but now I'll take a look and find out.


Anonymous said...

I would have like to be there for the SIAM meeting¡¡¡
Maybe the next meeting.......;)



Zifnab said...

Man, here I went to look at pictures of a SIAM meeting at a baseball game. What a disappointment! :) Glad to got to see a game though, it's looking like I may not catch one at all this year :/

Mason said...

:) My pictures were more of baseball and architecture, and the SIAM people posted pictures from the meeting.

I hope you get to a game! I didn't get to any in 2009, which was my first year not going to any in O(25) years. This year, I have gone to a spring training game between the Dodgers and Oakland in Arizona and the Phillies-Giants game. On September 12th, I am going to a Durham Bulls playoff game. I'll try to make sure that I am not caught lollygagging. :)