Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quote of the Day: Academic Journal Edition

Rick Durrett is a fountain of snarky remarks. At the workshop I am attending, he just unloaded this beauty [in perfect deadpan] during his talk: "I don't know if anyone on the editorial board is here. Do not submit to this journal."


(I don't have a formal collection of quotes or snarky remarks from Rick, but he's definitely uttered some doozies over the years.)


Cosma Shalizi said...

Not even a hint about which journal, for those of us who arrived later?

Mason said...

I purposely suppressed that from the entry. :)

I think it was 'Probability and Random Algorithms' or something like that. Maybe I'll feel more confident about this after I get sleep.

Durrett's talk was actually quite full of snark, but that's to be expected.