Saturday, June 25, 2011

Box Score of the Day: Three Rodriguez Roast

I like the box score from yesterday's game between the Astros and Rays, as all three pitchers for the Astros yesterday have the surname Rodriguez. Nice.

This begs a few questions. For example, in how many games (aside from complete games!) has every pitcher for one team had the same last name? Additionally, in how many other games (aside from, perhaps, other Astros games this season) have at least three pitchers from one team had the same surname? And aside from this year's Astros, is there any other game in which three or more pitchers with the same surname have been the only pitchers for a team? Inquiring minds want to know! I think I'll pass this along to sportswriter Jayson Stark, as he loves this sort of thing.

Some ideas come to mind. For example, back in the day, Pedro Martinez sometimes relieved Ramon Martinez for a two Martinez lunch (surely it was Vin Scully who coined that term?), and I assume there must have been some games in which only those two hurlers pitched for the Dodgers.

Update (7/06/11): Here is yet another Three Rodriguez Roast. I have not progressed any further on the questions that I posed above.

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