Sunday, June 05, 2011

What Happens in Tarragona Stays in Tarragona

In about 1 hour, I will be boarding a coach that will take a 3.5 hour trip to Stansted Airport, from which will fly via RyanAir to Barcelona, at which point I will be picked up by my host Alex Arenas to go to Tarragona. I will be visiting his group there until Wednesday night, when I will take a flight that will get me back to Stansted airport at about 10:30 pm, and then I will get a bus just after midnight (when I will be letting it all hang out, of course) and get back to Oxford at around 4am. Remind me why I decided to do the Stansted/RyanAir combination? I made sure to buy some very strong medicine to deal with my severe motion sickness.

As some of you might know, I have been having a tough time in my personal life at the moment, and in fact this is the worst I have felt since summer-fall 2007. That was the era of She Who Shall Not Be Named, so any of you who know what happened then will realize that I'm feeling positively awful these days. This situation, which I will not discuss (but for which I am talking to a friend for pep talks and advice), is a rather different one---and in particular, it is one that I expect will ultimately have a positive outcome, even though things are difficult right now and I have my moments when it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So, Spain is supposed to be a place where one can forget one's troubles, right? It's too bad that having a fling is not my style (it's not even remotely my style), but I have to admit that I wonder if that might be one of the healthier things I could do? It seemed to have beneficial effects in this movie.

At the minimum, I will enjoy the academic interactions and the opportunity to practice my Spanish.



Anonymous said...

Mason, do you know or have some theory about the serious relationship problems in the theorist tribe(including, Theor.Phys.+mathematic..+)?

These days I have been thinking about that, but no clean conclusion yet......
Anyway, once I realised that misfortunes come by themselves but happiness is a daily work.


saludos from UMass,


Mason said...

Nope, I have no theories about that.

I suppose that there could be a correlation with the fact that many of us have rather poorly developed social skills. :)

In any event, one of the big differences between the 2007 situation and the current one is that the 2007 involved a relationship in the way you seem to be using the word and this one does not. So that right there is a huge difference, though this is actually not the reason the 2007 situation was a worse one. (The reason is that that one included a person trying to commit suicide---thankfully unsuccessfully!---and the present one thankfully has nothing at all like that going on.)

But my difficulty in seeing social cues and understanding things until I am hit over the head with a sledgehammer is certainly a point of commonality. Anyway, I think this one will get resolved positively---I just don't know how much time it will take (so I have to be patient, which isn't my strong suit but which I will force myself to do no matter what), and honestly that doesn't prevent it from bothering me a lot. This could be over quickly at this point or it might not. I really have no idea. But everybody involved is both reasonable and of high quality (and wants a good outcome, obviously), and that's why I think the outcome will ultimately be positive for all of us.