Sunday, June 26, 2011

"A Terse Introduction to Networks" (ETA: January 2013)

As some of you know, I am writing an undergraduate textbook on networks. I have already signed a contract with a major publisher, and the book is currently scheduled to come out in January 2013. (I suspect that it might take a little bit longer than that.) I have created a Facebook page for my upcoming book, so please 'like' it if you have a Facebook account. I hear that that's the hip way to hype things these days.


dave said...

Hi Mason,

I'm glad to hear you're writing such a book. There is a definite need for an undergrad networks text.

I will be teaching a networks tutorial to 4-5 motivated and bright undergrads this fall. I would be interested in using parts of your book, if they're ready. I think the students I'll be teaching would very much enjoy a chance to give some constructive feedback on the text.

dave feldman

Mason said...

Just drop me a line closer to when your fall term starts. I can certainly pass along some stuff, as some field-testing would be very useful. Things are rather incomplete at the moment, so I'd like to delay as long as possible. At the moment, only chapters 1--3 are in anything like decent shape (and of course those are still rough drafts), so that means intro, small world stuff, and some attachment-like generative mechanisms. And of course I would love to have your comments as well as those of your students!

dave said...

This sounds great. Our term starts September 8, so I'll drop you an email in early September.