Monday, June 20, 2011

Trader Jack is Back!

Apparently, 80-years-young Trader Jack Mckeon is going to be named interim manager of the Florida Marlins. First of all, that's old school! Second of all, I approve!

(This is almost as cool as Scott Coolbaugh being named the hitting coach of the Rangers, which is only cool because it's a private joke from back in the day.)

Update:: Courtesy of Rob Neyer, here is an article that puts Trader Jack's career into perspective.

Update 2 (6/21/11): Rob Neyer mentions some active oldsters who are even older than Trader Jack. My favorite person (by far) on this list is of course Vin Scully.

Update 3 (6/21/11): Trader Jack is so old school that he even smoked a cigar in the dugout. For those of you on Facebook, here are better pictures.

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