Sunday, July 05, 2009

2009 Baseball All-Star Teams

The 2009 baseball all-star teams have been announced. Well, that isn't entirely true because there will be 5 National League Players and 5 American League players for whom the fans can vote. There will also invariably be injured players (and perhaps even "injured" ones) who will be replaced by other people.

At any rate, here are the current National League and American League all-star rosters.

The possible additions for the AL are Chone Figgins, Brandon Inge, Ian Kinsler, Adam Lind, and Carlos Pena. My choice here is Adam Lind. My second choice would be Ian Kinsler.

The possible additions for the NL are Christian Guzman, Matt Kemp, Mark Reynolds, Pablo Sandoval, and Shane Victorino. The way I see it, there is one excellent choice (Sandoval), two choices that are not as good but not horrible (Kemp and Reynolds, with the latter more deserving), one choice that is somewhat worse than that but still not horrible (Guzman), and one choice that seems to be rather nepotistic (Victorino, who is a fine player but is not having anywhere near the 2009 as the others).

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