Sunday, July 19, 2009

Name of my New Computer

Unless somebody changes my mind quickly, I have just decided to name my new computer "Trefoil" (well, technically for the current hard drive). The use in both mathematics and for the biohazard symbol is just too good to resist. I was thinking of using a "sweeter" name (like the name "Duende" I used for one of my old hard drives), but this was the first name that came to mind that I really like.

Now I just have to finish setting up the new computer. I am copying older stuff in a piecemeal fashion that was necessitated by the issues with the old computer. Sadly, this takes a lot longer than a simple user transfer. I also need to register the Mac address with Somerville's IT people to get online directly without at least some monkeying (or going to a different location), so I won't be finished with the setup until at least tomorrow. I'm sure it will take me a while after that to reinstall software, so I'll probably stick with immediate needs. I already have stuff to do that needs LaTeX, and I expect to need things like Matlab, MS Office, etc. soon. I also have the urge to start a new game of Civ IV, but given all of the urgent work I have right now, that really ought to wait for a long while. (Let's see how well I do with that.) I also plan on downloading a bunch of music via the iTunes store. I have taken advantage of not having my playlist on the old computer by listening to a flashback alternative station that I really like (that I hadn't listened to in a while but which I enjoyed during iPod gaps in the past). Every time I listen to this station, I hear songs I forgot about or that I otherwise really like (and that I hence want to acquire), so one thing I really need to remember to do this time is to occasionally listen to that station rather than my own playlist. Some of the songs will likely be very hard to acquire, as this station plays lots of deep cuts, many of which I suspect are from sources that unavailable via iTunes and often just no longer available without scouring for used material. Once I get my new computer online, this is on the docket. Then I can enjoy some of these songs while I get some of my urgent work done.

I'm now online with the new machine using internet sharing (Thanks, Lemming!), though admittedly faking my old computer's Mac address would have been a cooler way to solve the problem. :)


Zifnab said...

While the connections listed with that name are certainly good ones, it's impossible for me to not think of the Girl Scout cookie with the same name. :)

Mason said...

Maybe it's good or even in this case "awesome" that I didn't realize that. :)