Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Obscure Baseball Rules Quiz

Here is a quiz on obscure baseball rules. (Note that this is a quiz about obscure rules rather than an obscure quiz about rules.) It is apparently part of an advertisement for some book about how to become an umpire. I found the advertising statements in their descriptions of the correct answers to be rather annoying, but the quiz itself is cool, so I'm passing it along anyway. I only got 4 right out of ten, though a couple of the ones I missed are rather cheap and depend on the interpretation favored by the book being advertised.

(Tip of the hat to Rob Neyer.)

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Zifnab said...

I managed 6 out of 10, and there were certainly at least two cheap ones that were interpretation dependent. :/ Some were certainly interesting, but I wish their 'solutions' were more of an explanation than an advertisement for the book.