Friday, July 31, 2009

Experimental Results Related to DNLS Equations

The final version of this paper is actually over a year old, but it was just published as a book chapter in a monograph written by one of my collaborators (Panos Kevrekidis). Panos wrote the first sections of the book, and then he invited a number of people to contribute individual chapters on more specific topics. He asked me to write a paper based on experiments relevant to discrete nonlinear Schrodinger (DNLS) equations because of the fact that I work closely with experimentalists on a number of topics. Hence, this paper is a review article that covers a theorist's view on experimental results. (Note that I purposely ran the paper by several experimental colleagues in relevant fields to ensure that I didn't say anything stupid.)

The title of the published version of the chapter (which you probably won't be able to download for free, which is why I included the link to the version on my website) has "DNLS" because the acronym has already been well-established by that point in the context of the book.

Keep your eyes on this spot for a number of additional papers. I have a bunch of stuff that's about to come out. Also, I have a comment to make related to the first-mover scientific advantage, but I'll leave that for a different blog entry because it relates to my networks research rather than nonlinear waves research.

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