Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The digging minigames in Okami are evil.

Bloody Hell. My wrist is starting to hurt.


Lemming said...

Remind me -- what were they like? Also, I wonder how different they control on the Wii (I'm guessing easier overall, but possibly more tiring as well).

Mason said...

There are at least 4 of these. I have completed 2 of them, where the first took me a few tries and the second I chose to look at the faq (and the associated YouTube video) to help after I got really frustrated. I have looked at a video for this one (with the "granddaughter" of Mr. Bamboo) as well, but even with that I still haven't gotten it to work. The other one I have seen is with Bingo, and I was failing spectacularly there as well, though I have an idea of what to do.

Basically, one starts at the top and has various obstacles---such as dirt, hard dirt, split rock, impassable rock, spikes, and water---in the way. One must get to the bottom in time and then whoever you're helping shows you where to dig the final spot.

They control ok on the Wii except my hand has never been the steadiest in the world, so I lose a bunch of time when I have trouble getting the motion quite precisely enough. What my wrist doesn't like is doing lots of very similar motions in a very short period of time, which can get really bad when I fail at one of the minigames over and over again. I was doing the one with Mr. Bamboo's "granddaughter" for about 40 minutes in a row when my wrist was hurting so much that I needed to take a break from my break.

The plan now is to finish a couple of the monster hit list quests and then get back to digging. Given that it frustrated me, and I am still recovering from a very stressful day yesterday, I'm not sure if I am particularly in the mood to try one of the digging games again today.

Lemming said...

Ah, right, I remember those. I don't think there are very many more (if any) after the one you described. HOPEFULLY I remember correctly (but I kinda doubt it).

Mason said...

I know there is this one, and the one other I've seen. I would have been ok if there were only one that wasn't difficult, but for me this is something to get out of the way so that I can get back to things that are far more interesting. I want to see the story arc on this one and I suspect the prize might be worthwhile for the Bingo one. And I have OCD.