Thursday, September 03, 2009

"We apologize for the inconvenience."

I returned to my flat from lunch and noticed outside the back door that there was an unmanned forklift that had been left on. Thus far, one of my pictures of it will probably make my photoblog today, but in any event it made me think of Hitchhiker's Guide. (I also thought about the fact that maybe forklifts are the new Daihatsus. And on looking at a picture I took, I think that "forklift" isn't actually the correct name for this things. Please remind me what this is actually called.)

Shortly after that, I finally started dealing with some extra-special tax forms that I now have to fill out because my consulting arrangements required me to register as self-employed. A Somerville accountant was kindly helping me with these forms, and we were going through the various line items. Here is a snippet of what transpired:

Accountant: "Charitable contributions? [pauses... looks at me for a minute] Probably irrelevant."


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Lidarose said...

I think Zifnab will know what that is...? We used to call them "front-end loaders" but I don't think that is technically correct.