Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Taking the word "cougar" to the next level

According to this CNN report, a 107-year-old woman fears that her 37-year-old husband (who is apparently her 22nd husband!) doesn't love her anymore and will leave her.

According to an online slang dictionary, cougar is "the word used for a middle aged woman who hits on twenty-something men at university pubs". Well, I think it's used more generally than that; I wanted to check the urban dictionary site, but Somerville blocks that one. I do think that it typically refers to middle-aged women who go after younger men (though I initially thought it referred to men who went after much older women), so I guess we might have to come up with another word for this situation. Unfortunately, I don't currently have any suggestions.

So if this woman netted her first husband at age 19, that's about one new husband every 4 years. Raar! (How does one actually spell that?)

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