Sunday, September 13, 2009

Me Being Myself

I just came back from G & D's, the local ice cream place across the street from Somerville. (There are two other locations---both in Oxford---but the one across the street is unsurprisingly the one I always go to.)

Upon entering I noticed a possibly-interesting woman, but then I noticed she was using what appeared to be one of the new (or at least reasonably new) Macintosh computers, and then I found myself to be far more interested in the computer specs than I was in her. What can I say---I have to be me. Then, in another example of me being myself, I immediately sat down somewhere and minded my own business (doing some reading from an issue of Notices of the American Mathematical Society that has been lingering for several months). I laughed internally about the relative importance of these things in my thoughts, and I also quickly understood that I was perfectly at peace with this. I suppose I could do with not being so horribly shy, but I have been able to make some really good friends here, so I'm at least mostly (and sometimes---like today---completely) at peace with that as well.

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