Friday, October 15, 2021

"Detection of Functional Communities in Networks of Randomly Coupled Oscillators Using the Dynamic-Mode Decomposition"

One of my papers just came out in final form last week. Here are some details.

Title: Detection of Functional Communities in Networks of Randomly Coupled Oscillators Using the Dynamic-Mode Decomposition

Abstract: Dynamic-mode decomposition (DMD) is a versatile framework for model-free analysis of time series that are generated by dynamical systems. We develop a DMD-based algorithm to investigate the formation of functional communities in networks of coupled, heterogeneous Kuramoto oscillators. In these functional communities, the oscillators in a network have similar dynamics. We consider two common random-graph models (Watts–Strogatz networks and Barabási–Albert networks) with different amounts of heterogeneities among the oscillators. In our computations, we find that membership in a functional community reflects the extent to which there is establishment and sustainment of locking between oscillators. We construct forest graphs that illustrate the complex ways in which the heterogeneous oscillators associate and disassociate with each other.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Dodgers Advance to the National League Championship Series!

The Dodgers beat the Giants 2–1 in the elimination game of the NLDS to advance to the National League Championship Series against the Braves!!!

Today was game 5 of the National League Division Series. We were tied 1–1 entering the 9th inning and scored one run in the top of the inning. Max Scherzer entered the game in the bottom of the 9th and earned a save.

The called strike on the check swing to end the game was a really bad call.

Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Dodgers Win Wild Card Elimination Game on a Walk-Off Homerun!

The Dodgers have just beaten the Cardinals in the Wild Card elimination game!

We'll be going to face the Giants (in our first ever postseason series against them) in the National League Division Series!

The Dodgers and Giants had the two best records during the regular season.

Sunday, October 03, 2021

Some Baseball Musings on the Last Day of the 2021 Regular Season

Despite some possibilities for drama, there won't be any Game 163 for any teams. (There was late-inning drama in two of the relevant AL games today, and that is why there won't be any of these extra games.)

We (i.e., the Dodgers) have a win-or-go-home Wild Card 'playoff' against the Cardinals on Wednesday. I'll have it on silent at first while I am participating as a panelist in the UCLA math department job-application panel (which I suggested to our department head that we should do, and thankfully we're doing it), and then I'll have sound on for most of the game once the panel is over.

Trea Turner ended up winning the NL battle title handily. I have trouble picking an MVP, because I think the Padres going into the tank will hurt Tatis Jr.'s chances. That said, I still think he merits it, although if we're going to do pure performance after the Padres fall, maybe Juan Soto ultimately was somewhat better overall? The NL Cy Young award is hard to predict, as a lot of votes will get split. Right now, I think it will be Walker Buehler by a nose over Scherzer, Burnes, and Zack Wheeler. Urías will get some down-ballot votes, but despite the gaudy win totals, the other pitchers I mentioned (and some I have not) have been better them him. Jonathan India will when the NL ROY.

In the AL, Ohtani is the MVP. I think Gerrit Cole is a slightly better Cy Young choice than Robbie Ray, who many announcers seem to think is the heavy favorite. He's a good choice, but I think that Cole has been slightly better. Randy Arozarena is technically still a rookie, but I think I need to look more closely at some of the other viable options as well.

Finally, reports of Joey Votto's demise appear to have been greatly exaggerated (although he has changed his hitting style).