Monday, October 03, 2011

What Happens in Leeds Stays in Leeds

I took the 3.5 or so hour train to Leeds this afternoon, and I arrived here a couple of hours ago. (I managed to get a direct train that goes all the way to Edinburgh, so I didn't have to change trains.) I will be giving a seminar in applied math tomorrow.

I just had dinner at a local Mediterranean cafe, which earned points for playing excellent music (including--but not limited to--the greatest hits album of the Gipsy Kings, to whom I am now listening on my computer). Amusingly, the cafe listed "iced coffee" among "hot drinks". Sadly, it never occurred to me to bring my camera until after I was already on the train and out of Oxford.

One thing that I noticed is that tons of the people getting off at Leeds are rather emo. Do any of you know whether Leeds has a reputation for that. Seeing so much of this style as I exited the train was rather striking.

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