Monday, November 28, 2011

Is "Applied Mathematician" a Prestige Class?

Three of my undergraduate students decided to make a Dungeons and Dragons character sheet on my behalf.


Lemming said...

I like how "Handle Animal: Student" is marked cross-class, but you don't have any points put into it. :)

Mason said...

Lemming: Your comment actually showed up this time! You still haven't told me about the contents of the other ones that didn't come through...

There are a few worthy nuggets in there.

Zifnab said...

If you have to grade the students, I'd give them a -2 circumstance bonus for failing math; your BAB is listed as 0, but is also listed as 5 for melee attacks and 20 for ranged attacks. Or perhaps that's a failing D&D issue. Also, AC should be 8+squigglies, not 10+squigglies (remember there's a -2 from the dex).

I'm really curious about the class/race specific abilities, I am very surprised that a mathematician would get a base speed of 9, that's pretty high (if talking 5ft units), or very very low (if units of 1ft). Speaking of which, what units is that number? Also, a base save of 43 in will? 42 would make some sense, I guess, except the units are a bit off.

Going now to minor points, the stats seem a bit out of whack - judging by your ability at pool and table tennis, that's way too low a dex. Your healthiness has always seemed about average, so I'd guess a 10 con, as well. Wisdom's a bit low, you've always struck me as having good common sense in most situations, just not... Charisma-based situations. 18 Cha? That's extraordinarily generous of them... :)

I think some great jokes were missed in the lack of a Perform, Craft or Ride skill, the fill in the blank nature of those can lead to great things. Like Lem said though, the Handle animal (Student) being a class skill with no ranks is pretty awesome.

Anyways, awesome that your students made you a character sheet - they must like you! :)

(All my critiques are for amusement only, I think the whole thing is a pretty amusing and you should buy your students a cookie :)

Mason said...

I did remark about the generosity of the charisma I was given.

My Con actually should have a negative modifier IMO, and I think my wisdom should have a positive modifier.

I am already pretty good about feeding my students sugar. :)

And, yes, and I very much appreciated their gesture!