Friday, May 07, 2021

"Random-Graph Models and Characterization of Granular Networks"

A paper of mine from 2020 now has its final coordinates listed on the published file itself. Here are some details.

Title: Random-Graph Models and Characterization of Granular Networks

Authors: Silvia Nauer, Lucas Böttcher, and Mason A. Porter

Abstract: Various approaches and measures from network analysis have been applied to granular and particulate networks to gain insights into their structural, transport, failure-propagation and other systems-level properties. In this article, we examine a variety of common network measures and study their ability to characterize various two-dimensional and three-dimensional spatial random-graph models and empirical two-dimensional granular networks. We identify network measures that are able to distinguish between physically plausible and unphysical spatial network models. Our results also suggest that there are significant differences in the distributions of certain network measures in two and three dimensions, hinting at important differences that we also expect to arise in experimental granular networks.

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