Thursday, December 23, 2021

"Classical and Quantum Random-Walk Centrality Measures in Multilayer Networks"

Another paper of mine just came out in final form. Here are some details about it.

Title: Classical and Quantum Random-Walk Centrality Measures in Multilayer Networks

Authors: Lucas Böttcher and Mason A. Porter

Abstract: Multilayer network analysis is a useful approach for studying networks of entities that interact with each other via multiple relationships. Classifying the importance of nodes and node-layer tuples is an important aspect of the study of multilayer networks. To do this, it is common to calculate various centrality measures, which allow one to rank nodes and node-layers according to a variety of structural features. In this paper, we formulate occupation, PageRank, betweenness, and closeness centralities in terms of node-occupation properties of different types of continuous-time classical and quantum random walks on multilayer networks. We apply our framework to a variety of synthetic and real-world multilayer networks, and we identify notable differences between classical and quantum centrality measures. Our computations give insights into the correlations between certain centralities that are based on random walks and associated centralities that are based on geodesic paths.

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